The basis for SiS and i3's work with environmental management are environmental and energy policies as well as policies for health, safety and quality. Policies are individually and collectively responsible for the company’s general attitudes and values to the concept of environmental management.

Environmental policy

SiS and i3 wants to be environmentally conscious companies, where all employees have a responsibility to both the internal and the external environment.

It is management’s job to ensure that there is organization and systems that can monitor and document that the then-current law is complied with. In addition, action plans ensure constant efforts to protect and improve the environment for employees and surroundings.

When new cooperation, materials and processes are chosen, it must be taken into account that these can affect both the internal and the external environment and that the overall effect of these are to be minimized. The companies commit themselves to continuously improve the environmental impact and prevent pollution.

Energy policy

SiS and i3 want to be energy-conscious companies where energy is a commodity that is controlled and optimized and always assessed in relation to the company's activities.

It is the management's job to ensure that there are systems that monitors and measures energy consumption and launching plans for a continuous reduction of this.

Work environment

SiS and i3 want to be serious and well-functioning workplaces where employees at all levels demonstrate mutual respect and constantly work to maintain and improve both the physical and the psychological working environment.

It is the management's job to ensure follow-up on the corporate working environment.

Quality policy

SiS and i3's products and services must meet the customer's specified requirements and expectations. We want to maintain and strengthen cooperation with our customers and partners, by constantly developing and improving the quality of our products. In the product development process is ensured, that the products comply with applicable EN standards.

Life cycle sequence, recycling and disposal

Together with our customers, suppliers and architects, we work to create furniture concepts and decors that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and with a design that ensures longevity.

We create flexible furniture that can be supplemented and thus reused at our customers.

Our furniture generally has long durability and the longer a piece of furniture life cycle is the less is the environmental impact.

Our furniture is easy to disassemble and can easily be divided in different material fractions. The wooden parts are by combustion CO2 neutral and the metal parts can be recycled.

All electronic equipment must be disposed of according to the WEEE directive to approved recycling companies to ensure that electronic waste is treated properly and valuable raw materials are recycled.

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